Australian wines are now absolutely World class. Champagne - the wine for celebrations.  Everyone has their favourite brand and vintage.  In this case the bottle is an Australian wine.  Sepplet's Imperial Reserve Great Western Champagne.

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Bottle of  Champagne
and a
 bowl of mixed fruit.


Bottle of Champagne


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Kangaroo - clip


One of the great wine growing areas in Australia  is the beautiful Barossa Valley in South Australia.  Victoria may soon rival this area with numerous wineries springing up everywhere between Lilydale, Healsville, Yarra Glen and Warburton.  These towns are within a 60 mile radius of Melbourne.

Most of these wineries have wine tasting facilities and some of them have first class restaurants that are equal to or better than any in the world.  These are very popular with Melbournians and tourists. Wine grazing they call it.