Cradle Mountain in beautiful Tasmania. Although an island Tasmania is classed as a State of Australia and Cradle Mountain is one of the must see places on this beautiful unspoilt island. The weather in Tasmania is similar to  Melbourne but because it is closer to Antarctica it is always a little bit colder there.

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Tasmania is like a land that time forgot, and Tasmanians are very protective of their enchanting  little Island of approximately 68,000 square kilometres. Tasmania has had many tragic associations having been the site of one of the most notorious Penal Colonies at Port Arthur where many convicts met their death along with the Aboriginals.

Cradle Mountain
Lake St. Clair National Park - Tasmaniaspacer

Cradle Mountain in Tasmania

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Because Tasmania is an island far away down south it tends to be forgotten and we don't think that politicians pay enough attention to the needs of the people.  The only time you hear about Tasmania is maybe around election time and sometimes not even then.  This is rather rude to Tasmanians.

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