Broken Hill  in New South Wales was created to serve miners in the super rich silver - lead - zinc mines of the Barrier Ranges. Scroll down for more information and a little gossip about Uluru or Ayres Rock.

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Broken Hill
far western New South Wales


Broken Hill - New South Wales - Australia


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Broken Hill is a fascinating town.  Like an artificial oasis it is situated in the vast semi desert lands of Western New South Wales.   Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control this was the only photograph we were able to take at the time.  The main centre has quite a few lovely parks and gardens and a very interesting main centre.  There are various art galleries which include the work of Pro Hart and Jack Absalom.  Although this town is very close to the true out-back it is really worth the effort to get there.  There are many interesting places including magnificent scenery, Mootwingee National Park, Aboriginal rock art and stencils, Silverton Goal,  fishing and camping at Menindee Lakes which supplies water to the town and is part a storage scheme on the Darling River.  Inspection of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Muslem Mosque in  Buck Street, built by the Afgan Community in (1891).  Multiculturalism is not a new thing it has always always always been a feature of Australia.

This is a very historic town and we could go on and on forever, but this is an images site not a history site about the opening up of Australia.  Just go there you will love it.  One interesting little bit of gossip about this town is that many years ago a certain artist who will remain nameless thought it would be a good idea to paint Ayers Rock now named Uluru. The paint was going to be placed in drums then loaded into a helicopter and the paint tipped out from the drums while flying over Uluru. Don't know what the colour scheme was going to be.  How times change.  Nowadays you wouldn't even be allowed to have a joke about this.  In fact I may even be thrown in goal for mentioning it here.  No fun and games downunder in OZ anymore (sniff sniff)

But heck we like to live dangerously  Clip art - dancing man